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M Dot Pitts Random Thoughts

The Reason .... 

Everything, good or bad, happens for a reason, right?  IF that is the case often times it's difficult to find the reasoning behind many of the evil and sad things that happen in this world.  BUT what if the reasoning behind those evil, sad happenings is to open YOUR eyes and make you get up off your ass and DO something about it ???

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the album "Broken Hearts & Shattered Dream$" is released


The full length album featuring appearances by Ms. toi, Boo Kapone, Eastwood and more

Single for "Broken Heart$ & Shattered Dream$"

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M Dot Pitts unveils his first single for his double disc "Broken Heart$ & Shattered Dream$" called "Chasing Paper".


Radio interview

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Broken Hearts & Shattered Dream$

Broken Hearts & Shattered Dream$